Monday, November 28, 2016


With love in her eyes, a ball in her mouth, and a wag in her tail, Haley touched the hearts of everyone she met. Most of all mine.

On this thanksgiving weekend when she left us, I have so much to thank her for. Thank you, Haley, for your unwavering friendship, your kindness, your enthusiasm for life, and your never ending quest to catch a squirrel.

Thank you for helping me raise Imaan and helping develop her love for animals. Your legacy will live on in her actions.

Thank you most of all for always, always having my back.

Even in the face of a most deadly disease, Haley, you were stoic. Unflinching. Unwilling to reveal even the slightest pain. But I could hear it. It was time.

Thank you, Haley, for being you.

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