Thursday, March 8, 2012

Reactive Dog + Hard Edge + Bad Luck = Cracked Rib

This sucks.

I have a cracked rib thanks to my dog, Haley. She's big and badass. If there were a biker gang for dogs, she'd be at the helm...
I like to eat other dogs for lunch

 So after finishing a great trail run in Rock Creek Park this weekend, I was fishing around in the car for something when Haley decided she was hungry and lunged for a dog, pulling me right into the edge of the car door... *cracckkkk* there goes my rib.. holy sh** that hurt!

Luckily I didn't let go of the leash else I'd have a broken rib and a lawsuit to deal with...

After some TLC for a few days, the pain is still there but time to harden the f*** up and get on with training. Yesterday I rode my bike to work and felt ok. Today I'll run.. will be quite comical.. but races are coming up and I gotta keep up. 

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