2012 Races

Apr 1: Cherry Blossom 10 miler (1:08:32; 6:51 pace; PR)

Apr 14: Rumpus in Bumpass Oly (2:36.. nutrition and run fell apart: running after biking is a whole different sport; very humbling first triathlon!)
Apr 15: Rumpus in Bumpass Sprint Relay (5K run leg in 20:51 (hilly gravel-laden course); 3rd Place Overall Relays (2nd fastest run split); Podium in first race weekend; redeemed myself from yesterday!) 

May 12: Kinetic Half Ironman Bike Relay (2:38 -- well paced by power meter)

May 13: Kinetic Sprint (strong run off the bike, sub 7 min pace for the 5K. Happy!)

May 27: Mountains of Misery (200K, 13,000+ ft. climbing, 10:09:11 -- well paced by power meter, not at threshold except last 2 miles)

June 23: Gran Fondo / Diabolical Double (Finished! See my Stoopid's Guide)
Aug 4: Culpeper Oly (broke top 10 in AG. Really need to work on swim to be more competitive here. Plus a slow first half of run. Second 5K splitted a 6:50 pace but too slow to begin with in first 5K)

Aug 18-19:  Hampshire 100 Double Down Crown (hilly ass mountain half marathon on Saturday and 100K mountain bike race Sunday: 5th AG on the run (2:24:55) and 3rd Overall in DD Crown. Mtn Bike was survival as 4th time ever on mtn bike (and first ever race) + super technical trails with some gnarly descents. Going uphill was significantly easier than coming down!)

Sep 16: Savageman Half Ironman Run Relay (1:38 run leg -- 7:29 pace -- on a very hilly course. Felt strong throughout the run and happy with this result. We got on the relay podium!)